Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zionism Through Art: Omanoot’s Website Launch!

One of the volunteer places hosting some of our Coexistence track participants is Omanoot. Hebrew for art, Omanoot is a young organization aiming to showcase Israeli art to the world. Omanoot’s goal is to be “Israel’s Hulu, Amazon, iTunes and virtual MoMa, all in one.” The organization’s website just launched a few days ago and is a treasure trove of cultural resources. The website hosts fifty films from Israeli artists, provides lesson plans and is also attached to a blog with current listings of artistic events around Israel. Currently, Omanoot’s content is largely written by English speaking volunteers, including our own Anna Drillech, Allyson Page and Hannah Yohalem. Anna, a native of Paris, France, is also working to make Omanoot accessible to Francophones as well.

Omanoot’s focus on cultural inclusion and critical examination of society through alternative lenses reflects Tikkun Olam’s commitment to involvement in all facets of Israeli society. Check out Omanoot’s website today: watch a movie, find a film screening in Tel Aviv or find out about an Israeli author you never knew existed. Tikkun Olam is about repairing the world: Omanoot is about broadening your perspective of it. What could be a more complementary partnership?

Read more about Omanoot’s launch and the organization’s goals in a recent Haaretz article:

Just in case you haven't clicked on the hyperlink yet, Omanoot can be found on the web at:

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